DICOM Printer 2

Convert everything to DICOM and store it to PACS and Film!

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Store Anything to PACS or Film

DICOM Printer 2 is a virtual printer and application that helps you send documents or images directly to PACS or print them to DICOM film.  DP2 can combine a multitude of actions into powerful DICOM workflows,  an example of which can be viewed in our blog.


Improve DICOM document storage with this revolutionary software.

Programmable background operation reads documents, queries worklist and automatically stores to PACS, and it can even ask for help for tricky documents.
Worklist, PACS or Database
DICOM Printer 2 makes decisions based on queries against PACS, Worklist, or third-party systems such as EMR, RIS, as well as proprietary databases.
Choose Your Output
DP2 supports output to PACS and Dry Imagers (e.g., Drystar) — or multiples of each!
Hold and Re-Attempt
DP2 can wait and intermittently re-query until associated exam records and images arrive in PACS, so it’s perfect for attaching referral documents to diagnostic test results.
Non-Intrusive and Reliable
DP2 embodies our unique approach to workflows by providing robust “fire and forget” DICOM functionality to applications and devices — no more waiting while things get stored.
Plug-In Ready
Flexible XML configuration allows interfacing with outside tools, as well as scripting languages like Ruby or Python.

DICOM Printer 2 also sends documents to dry imagers such as:

  • AGFA Drystar Axys, 5302, etc.
  • FUJI Drypix
  • Kodak Dryview
  • Konica/Minolta
  • Many other brands.

DP2 will output DICOM film from virtually any Windows application.

Fully Automated
Background operation delivers images and reports to film without any manual intervention.
True Size
DP2 makes sure the image comes out exactly the right size, no matter which printer or film you’re using.
DP2 supports Grayscale in both 8-bit and 12-bit, as well as Color.

If you would like to try DP2 with your Dry Imager or PACS, then please download an evaluation copy and contact us to help you get started.

Network Services

  • Study/Worklist Query SCU
  • SC Storage SCU
  • Basic Grayscale Print SCU
  • Other contexts through use of plug-ins

Basic Specifications

  • Windows executable, runs as a system service
  • Receives documents through a virtual printer
  • Receives images, PDFs, and DCM files through a drop folder
  • Executes a workflow that can query, store, print or call out to other applications

System Requirements

  • x86 or x64 CPU at 1 GHz minimum
  • 1 GB memory for 32-bit and 2 GB for 64-bit operation
  • Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 2003, 2008, or 2010 Server
  • Microsoft .NET 4 Client Profile to run Control Panel
  • 200 MB of storage, for binary and first three years of log files
  • Network access to any data stores or destination systems
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