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Public Test DICOM Modality Worklist

It’s so common that we need to test DMWL, that we thought it a good idea to just make one public.

Here are the details:

  • Host:
  • Port: 1070
  • Your AE title: Anything you like


All records in this worklist are kept current, meaning, every exam is always today, eastern time. If you live east of the east coast and use the scheduled-date in your query, then you will have to query yesterday.

By the way? Have you tried TuPACS, our Scan-to-PACS application?

DICOM Gobbler with DICOM tag prefix and suffix

A new version of DICOM Gobbler? Don’t mind if we do.

DICOM Gobbler is our CD/USB to PACS DICOM import tool. It lives in your system tray, quietly waits for you to insert a DICOM CD, and then imports everything efficiently to PACS.

So what’s new?
– We’ve made Gobbler a lot faster during import.
– You can now prefix, suffix, or replace DICOM attributes during import to PACS.

Plus, we’ve fixed some bugs that, quite frankly, we’re a little embarrassed about.

Have a free evaluation download today!

Ps. If you’ve previously used Gobbler, and your evaluation has expired, then please contact us for an extension.

Import DICOM CDs & DVDs to PACS

What is a DICOM Gobbler?

  • It lives in the system tray;
  • It watches for DICOM CDs and DVDs;
  • It offers to import all DICOM instances to your local PACS;
  • It hides back into the tray as it imports; and
  • It’s ready to be installed!

We are happy to announce that DICOM Gobbler is now ready for general use.

DICOM Gobbler was born thanks to a request from Bonita Community Health Center — one of our oldest customers. John at Bonita asked for a DICOM import utility that is unobtrusive, easy-to-use, and can decompress proprietary formats, like JPEG2000, to make them compatible with their older Merge PACS viewer.

An alpha version of Gobbler was released in mid-2016, and since then it has already been deployed in five continents, including at a cardiology centre in Brazil, a hospital in Israel, and dental x-ray facilities in Australia and China.

If you’d like to learn a little more about Gobbler, then please

Visit the Product Page

or, if you’re the impatient type, then

Download an Evaluation Copy